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  • Adding calendar to Shopify store

    To add the calendar to your shop click on “Embed calendar code” on top of the settings panel, and copy the code snippet from the dialog. Then open the editor of the page you want to put the calendar on, switch to the HTML mode, and paste the code snippet.


    Adding calendar to Shopify store

    Advanced options

    Most of the styling and design of the calendar should be done using the app configuration, but you can also add styling to the app tag itself. For example, this is an easy way to set the width of the calendar:

    <app-calendar style=”width: 250px”></app-calendar>


    This is an example of settings the height of the calendar:

    <app-calendar style=”height: 300px”></app-calendar>


    You can also add some comment to make it easier to find the app in your page editor (or to spot any problems with loading of the app). The comment will not be visible in your site.

    <app-calendar>This is my events calendar</app-calendar>